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There you are fast typing away on your PC or your Laptop, and all of a abrupt the strangest thing happens. The barrier goes black, extinquished like a candle in the wind.

A idea appears saying: "The file hal. dll is lost or corrupt. Windows can not start. " Well you know that 95% of computer glitches are solved by a down-to-earth reboot, so click?oops, can't click, no Windows. Ok then, you reset, and you think you are sure to be OK when the reboot completes.

Wrong! The same error implication appears "The file hal. dll is missing or corrupt. Windows can not start. " How is it possible for one meager file to kill your system?

DISASTER?What to do now? Phone your tech ally and ask his advice. He tells you the bad news. You are obliged to re-install Windows from the first disc! Oh My God! Will I lose all my programs and data? Yes, you will have to re- install all your programs. No your data may be safe, but only if you don't have to reformat your hard disc.

But, your acquaintance asks, I hope you have all your backups.

DO YOU, as that is the key to cutback your business. You know that in today's commerce world, 95% of your business in order is stored on your computer. This applies not only to online businesses, but also to offline ones. In this paperless circle of ours, affair people are printing less and less of all their transactions.

Think hard. Where the heck did I hide my fundamental Windows disc? Really, are you controlled adequate that you can easily find your earliest installation discs, along with the code numbers they need to re-install.

You own some programs you downloaded off the Net, but they are stored on your hard drive. Are they backed up? When is the last time you backed up your data, the income of your business.

What endorsement coordination do you use? Do you use the old- fashioned tape systems, or do you endorsement to CD or DVD? Whichever one you use, the key is that your backups must be frequent adequate to keep you out of major trouble.

Program backups do not have to be constantly frequent like Data does. Programs do not change, if you downloaded an update. Then your inform must be saved on your hard drive, and also backed up.

Data includes so many another belongings that it's easy to forget to back up some items. 'My Documents' contains much of the data, but not near all. Do you know where your Favorite links are stored? Where is your email that you saved? Along with your email attend to book, Microsoft hides these files quite well.

It took me weeks to find, and then bring to mind where they are hidden in ID and Settings. I never did find the email settings, so have not saved those.

Bottom line: what must you back up, and how often?

Whatever media you use, you must have at least 2 current backups of everything, and rather 3. If you use CD or DVD, have you ever noticed how some discs out of the blue become unreadable, and for no deceptive reason. It happens oh too frequently. . I lose up to 15% this way. CDs have an expected shelf life of maybe 2 years. Some will clearly last longer, too many die prematurely.

Does that mean you be supposed to not use CDs or DVDs to back up? Of choice you should. It is the cheapest help classification I know about. But you MUST have more than one copy. I favor 3. The proof of this comes when you save your affair by being able to start over as your backups are up to date.

Imagine if you lose all your programs and have to buy them over again.

Imagine if you lose all your emails that have your registration codes for the programs you bought online. And what about all the sales and acquire data in your emails. What about your commerce list, your email lists, etc.

Imagine down all your accounting data that you must have for year-end tax reporting!

Enough said. Programs by now backed up on 2 or 3 copies only need to be modernized by adding together new programs you buy, and upgrades that come out.

Data be supposed to be backed up based on the frequency of your transactions. It could be daily, or every 2 or 3 days if your commerce is in the early advance stage. .

Without backups?your commerce may be dead in the water! Don't get careless. You may say I will save a disc or two by aid up less often. Why? One CD-rom disc costs a buck. Big deal when it means life or death for your business.

Why take chances. Can anybody predict when you will have a problem, a cpu crash, a new virus? Of avenue not. Don't live dangerously, this isn't a buzz ride, it's your life, your affair life!

Fred Farah copyright 2004

Fred Farah

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