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New ciphersend online guarantee advantage thwarts email adopt theft and soothes password exhaustion - collateral


In 1997, I certain after 15 years as a active CPA that it was time to put down my pencil and explore a new venture on the exciting new internet which, while perchance not closely in its childhood at that point, was still at least a spotty faced teenaged form still uncultivated by most accountants.

I founded CPAsites. com and made a life for for myself and a few other employees by crafty and organization websites for CPA firms athwart the country. We had no battle in the early, heady days of the late 90's and were able to briefly acquire a name for ourselves by donation condition sites to condition firms.

Since 1997 however, the internet has grown from a blemished faced teenaged channel to a. . . well, goliath-sized spotty faced teenaged medium. I can bring to mind being paid my first spam mail in the early days of email and like each else, I belief they were "kinda' neat" in the way that my teenage daughters think institution mail is "kinda' neat. "

As a website developer in 2005 however, spam has befall the bane of my existence. Invariably, once a week, we get a call or email from a CPA annoyed by the capacity of spam email he or she is getting and, also invariably, we - or the website we host for the accountant - gets the blame. "Please confiscate all of our email addresses off the site!" they proclaim with finality.

So much for the fair-haired age of immediate internet communiqu? at your fingertips. Dutifully, we would comply with their desires and it wasn't until I endeavored to solve a different conventional CPA grievance that I stumbled on the complete answer for email theft.

For a number of years, the back most communal criticism appearance from my CPA clients was a propos an easy way to have clients email them steadily from their website. After we describe to them the niceties of password management and assure logins, they directly dropped their guarantee plans. They, like all else on the internet, be diagnosed with from "password fatigue" and weren't about to area under discussion their clients to knowledge and identification yet a new password just to send their CPA some tax information.

About a year ago, we at last absolute there Be supposed to be an easy way to just click on a website or email link and download a person's encryption key so that you can email encrypted papers to the individual. We searched. There wasn't. As a crucial need not only for our CPA clients, but also for attorneys, physicians and other pecuniary professionals, we called an encryption programmer, gave him our idea and said "do it. "

The answer is CipherSend. com which began advertising in March of 2005 for $19. 95. As the encryption programmers promised, it works completely for what we considered necessary (click the button, encrypt something and send it with no password), but assume our astonish when we realized it also solved an even larger badly behaved - spambots stealing our clients' email addresses!

When our clients change their email addresses with CipherSend buttons, spambot crawlers are bunged in their tracks. The button-owner's email deal with is stored on our assure server, not on his or her broadcast website. Needless to say, both we and our clients were instead delighted that a "side effect" of the agenda was even develop than the future cure!

The ceremony is ideally apt for professionals and physicians who can now abruptly and by far be given acquire id from clients, acquaintances and patients at their average email adopt not including the difficulty of generous out passwords or confident logins, but it is also conclusion a huge advertise among millions of annoyed spam victims needing to put back an email adopt posted on a community website or built-in in the coding of a commerce form.

CipherSend offers compensation over accepted website email or commerce forms with its spam-block collateral and amplify notification to site visitors when their email has been delivered and again when it is opened by the recipient. Even though the low price, CipherSend uses chic 2048-bit RSA lop-sided (two-key) encryption algorithms with greatest extent key extent and meets control defense rules necessary in the healthcare business for the assign of serene health information.

Since communication and id are encrypted right on the sender's mainframe with a downloaded broadcast key and decrypted by the recipient's confidential key, CipherSend represents true end-to-end security. A demo of the close can be found on the CipherSend. com website and the agenda has a 30 day free trial membership.

Generally, "the law of accidental consequences" is a nightmare scenario for associates introducing a new effect or benefit on the market, but for this fortunate CPA, "two birds with one stone" just took on new connotation and made my life a whole lot less stressful!

Jeffery N Drake, CPA, MBA President http://www. CipherSend. com http://www. CPAsites. com


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