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Why you must acquire your digital artifact and thank you web page - defense


A connect of years back, I paid my dues the 'hard way'.

My web site was up and running, the sales dispatch had been 'crafted' with the most influential marketing techniques and the profits had been consistently coming-in, until. . .

Until I noticed a large 'drop in ClickBank sales' for 2 months in a row. You can't assume how this all-embracing declination in sales, exaggerated my mood and self-esteem.

I in progress critiquing my sales text all over again and re-evaluating every piece of my marketing strategy. . . the lot seemed to be "working flawlessly", but yet. . . "Not a sufficient amount sales book - hey, this isn't me (I contemplated). . . I am one of those copywriters who consistently 'live-by' the 4%-6% sales ratios!"

Then one Sunday morning, I rushed to carefully check my web site's statistics, and to my blow. . .

My ClickBank's "Thank You" page had been the 4th most visited bit of my web site!

Holly-Golly! About certainly, an discourteous patron had submitted my "Thank You" web page all over the web. My 'digital gizmo' had been downloaded over 460+ times, according to my web server's statistics. Needless to say that my 'voice of harassment' opening 'echoing' all over the block (something like "aaaarrrrggrgrghhhh!. . . ahhh. . oh!ohhhhh!").

After the irritation bang of a sound psychological burst. . . after quite a few breathe-ins / outs. . . I at last certain to 'secure' my digital effect with a 'hack-proof' system. No "more free lunches", I derisively squealed!

Hence, I installed a clear-cut yet approvingly athletic CGI draft (see http://close-sale. com/automation. htm) and my ClickBank creation had as a final point been 'secured'. from free sample hunters, pranksters and hackers that 'unconstructively impacted my bank account'.

The 'Online marketing lesson' is definitely straightforward; you *must secure* and automate your big business by any means, ahead of your digital artifact becomes one of the 'Web's Top 1000 Free Downloads'; trust me, it doesn't worth the jeopardy.

This clause may be unreservedly disseminated / republished, as long as it contains the author's credits and the careful entirety of the provided article, titled: "Why you Must Acquire your Digital Effect and 'Thank You' Web Page".

About The Author

Bob Mobino is the Dramatist After http://close-sale. com.


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