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Hacking the body via pda wireless badge - guarantee


First I would like to stress I am condoning the art of hacking. Nor am I condoning the be in command of and exploitation of the human race by way of frequencies interacting with the biological systems, which run the human body. We all know that the brain runs on chemicals and waves. We know from medicines, vitamins, alcohol, drugs and food intake that we can alter those chemicals. And most of us appreciate that brain waves are about allow for the administer of cognition. The computers we use also run on frequencies which are use to consideration about for case Pentium Chips in succession 1. 2 GigaHertz. Cell phones run 800 MHz approximately. Also the power contribute in a cpu runs on a a few cycle creating an added set of waves.

The brain waves run at 5Hz to 50Hz range in the main depending on the contented of belongings like caffeine. And the nerves and body signals also have ranges, here is some attention-grabbing in rank on that:

http://www. ncbi. nlm. nih. gov/entrez/query. f. . . 2&dopt=Abstract

Now then if we take quartz crystals and put them in PDA devices, we could commune to the bodies own approach all through the 8. 0 KHz range:

http://www. cmac. com/mt/databook/crystals/smd/cx1_2. html

You can also put a attention into someone's mind because of the waves and frequencies at this level with a hardly fine-tuning. Gist you could commune not including speech. And this has uses in Space travel, Under Water Exploration and even in distinctive teams, which need peace to accomplish mission.

http://www. phoneinbuddy. com/TB_compression. htm

Now when a big cheese is hauling a delicate electronic appliance there are ways to get to these frequencies. One way is to find the alteration among the two gears of the device, for demand the motherboard and the CPU, and get that contraption to one of the figures near or about 5-50 Hz or 8 KHz. This can be done by distribution in rank or energy to the badge from everyplace else. This can be done by first analytical the appliance by GPS or other line of sight means and then distribution pulses to the device, which will boost or lower the campaign production or by carriage a gesticulate to the appliance under average environment that the apparatus uses to operate. Microwave, Terabeam, Sound, laser, etc. may all be used for such. Now then once you spike one of the machinery of the badge close to the other mechanism range and get the discrepancy in the range of the human physical functions frequencies you can then begin the beloved result. For case put the character to sleep leisurely by lowering the change concerning the waves of the device. You could add to it causing apprehension and doable even bring in in sequence into the brain. For instance, you could acquaintance the brain and aural affair and say "Run" or "This is Allah, homicide Americans is wrong, put down your mace and benefit to your children and be a good vicar and knock it off. "

We before now know that wireless plans can be by a long shot hacked into as we have been reading. For command the new WiFi autonomy also has connected flaws and aptitude risks. You might want to Google these companies also on the subject: Airdefense, Atheros, LXE, and Airmagnet.

HIPPA issues health data could be at risk devoid of examination since Hospitals and First Responders must rely on itinerant plans to help save lives and keep on capable in those times of analytical need. The medicinal commerce is absolutely discussing the HIPPA issues with wireless mobility. How can they have the in rank hastily accessible and also avow accomplished privacy when the in order goes over the airwaves?

As speed increases and add ons occur defense issues need to be frequently reviewed and upgraded procedures. Blackberry is apprehensive and attentively functioning on the problems. Other Wireless Confidence Issues Comprise some below and this is just the activation really, after all we cannot even get rid of SPAM.

While patter in order from conventional citizens you can see the problems. Then the citizens in the know will export the hacking expertise and then the same companies running in excuse will have these colonize employed there, then those ancestors will teach others who are our ability enemies and then we are in trouble.

As this expertise becomes more far ahead it is quite feasible to read people's minds, enter opinion into their heads, put them to sleep, augment heart rates to non-possible levels, cause disquiet or disrupt nerve impulses and mobility. All by using their on board PDA, Cell Phone or other electronic device. It is even feasible now to send in rank this way using the skull and jowl as an aerial and the feelings are singled out up by the inner ear.

The PDA wireless appliance or cell phone is only an amplifier and since it has it's own power find maybe used in such a way as these companies are discovering and patrons seem to be happy to use. By falling the quantity of energy in the contraption itself batteries will last longer since lower volumes will be needed. The energy could come from the sender entirely, as a result batteries draining are no longer an issue. If colonize have RFID implants they could hook themselves up to a automaton at night in a row on 8Hz which could super allegation their immune approach along with a once per week drug of super vitamin C with is said to be 100 times more compelling than the Vitamin C Fred Flintstone Chewables our kids take. Having a pace assembly appliance to steady one's classification while drama extraordinary tasks could be good for adrenaline burn on nerves, NASCAR drivers, Apache Assail Helicopter Pilots, Astronauts, etc. by stabilizing the body and allowing the mind to focus on the event in a clear headed way.

If an enemy set of troops has set in RFID tags we could stimulate the physical functions by way of exterior impulse waves and help them alteration their minds to fight. Consequently Blue and Red Force tracking issues would be in our favor even if they had equal systems which were bought by pirated software from the DOD by a rogue nation. We could disable and over power set in diplomacy and as a result they would show up as a new color, the enemy would see it's "Blue-friendly" turn to "Red Bad-guy" and thus not know who is who and kill their own men or be so baffled that they closed charitable guidelines of what to shoot at and in the awkwardness and dawdling you have the time on your side and all options meaning, a critical victory is in sort order of said battle.

It may act to be considerably a challenging task to take be in charge of of a body, but exceedingly it is not since the body is simply an organic robot and it works on a set of principles. You only have to alteration those few things. When we a short time ago discussed the use of Long-range wireless tasers for crowd charge we could see what we are mechanically advancing in this regard. We know that we can stop human armies by way of bullets, explosion, harmonics, microwaves. We can blind them, nuke them, disinfect them and even make them fall down and cry.

But using this method of using portable diplomacy on that person, we could basically be in command of them by phone lines half way about the world. Once admittance is benevolent or even overwhelmed by electronic power you would have be in charge of of that person's thoughts, crucial panicky coordination and heart rate. An exciting belief in that a general practitioner could have a serene on the phone and alleviate their blood pressure, heart rate or even put in settings for super remedial while they sleep. Or in the case of conflict you could bring an army to it's knees and entirely halt it, put the rank and file into deep sleep, end the biological lives of those participating frustrating to kill you or make them think twice about what they were doing. This is not art fiction we are near here, we need to stay "Heads UP" on these issues.

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