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Today's Internet or World Wide Web is being over regulated.

But, are you being taken for a ride, are you lead to accept as true that Governments World Wide are creating new legislation for your benefit or are there underlying factors that these laws are more beneficial to Governments and big business?

First we had the Can-Spam and other laws agreed bendable the conveyance of unsolicited commercial e-mail, that contains false or illusory branch of learning information, or that is sent from illogical e-mail addresses, but for me, my inbox still seems to constantly be full of junk mail. How many citizens have actually been fined or imprisoned.

The same can be said of downloading of music files from the Internet avoiding the music Activity copy civil rights and Musicians fees. There seems to have been more persons fixed than the sites that illegally provided the music downloads.

Search engines have the capability to track anybody who does a examination and is also registered for a assistance at that explore engine. If you use the AOL exploration engine and also use an AOL email account, the tracking cookie could track your surfing online and that in sequence could be sold for advertisement gain and be accessed by law enforcement agencies in theory.

In Pennsylvania last week there were two break free lawsuits accusing a Florida journey supporter and its telemarketer of ignoring prior warnings and illegally contacting all but 200 Pennsylvania patrons who had officially registered on the state's "no call" list. The complaints came from regulars located in 13 Pennsylvania counties.

The firm of Telemarketers when asked by folks who had registered their name and phone come to on the "No Call" list said:

1. They did not see the clients name on the "no call" list.

2. They were next up on a embalm that they had mailed to the consumer when in actuality they did not send the consumer a package.

3. They must have dialed the consumer in error, sorry.

The "No Call" list must be tartan by telemarketers and in conjecture if a registered folks name or phone add up to came up on the computer list that the telemarketer was about to call, it must be easy an adequate amount to skip on to the next person.

You can learn more and catalog your cell phone or home phone number with the "Do Not Call" registry for a dot of 5 years. There is no fee to register.

https://www. donotcall. gov

As of January 1, 2005, telemarketers and sellers are mandatory to examination the registry at least once every 31 days and drop from their call lists the phone figures of patrons who have registered. https://telemarketing. donotcall. gov Telemarketers pay a fee to find the list of local, State wide or U. S. Do Not Call lists.

The list for up to five area codes is free. The yearly fee is forty dollars per area code of list data (after five), with a ceiling annual fee of eleven thousand dollars for the full U. S. database.

For a telemarketer to phone a character scheduled on the no call list it is the same as transfer unsolicited email. Both are illegal.

Registering and purchasing the do not call list is much cheaper and safer than not doing so.

If you be going to to phone all in your local area code to promote your amazing new widget. Don't do it until you have registered as a telemarketer and obtained the list of not to call citizens in your mission area.

If you have purchased Leads which with permission have to bring in time and date stamp, IP concentrate on etc to comply with Government email Laws and Acts, you are able to phone them. But do commence yourself, your band and the creation or benefit in a clear and frank way or you could fall fowl of the many Consumer Acts that are also in place.

Since the 911 terrorism incidence, your privacy on the Internet, phone and other forms of communiqu? is being monitored or at least the FBI and other law enforcement agencies can officially tap your phone and interrupt your email.

One piece of legislation that is being debated both in the Committee and the House of Legislative body is "The Flag-waver Act" as a good part of this Act is due for rejuvenation at the end of this year.

Portions up for rekindling bring in those sections as regards laptop hackers, distribution in rank gained because of Wire Taping, Internet Service providers to hand over patron in order and account in times of likely emergencies and for the Keep watch over to listen in in on communications as belief compulsory and court commands if there is a chance case of terrorism suspected.

The Flag-waver Act, (great array of name) was produced to give authorities more powers in times of terrorism but goes way further than that!

I accept as true this act is crucial in this day and age when it comes to threats to Inhabitant Confidence but, where does this leave your privacy?

As consumers, citizens and commerce owners we all have rights, its just a pity that there are a small add up to of fanatics and idiots out there that spoil it for the rest of us.

May you have a safe and confident week.

Peter Green
Editor of ~ The INDEX ~ ezine.
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