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No auntie Sookie, not earth worms, mainframe virus worms that can get to you central processing unit and gradually dig deep into your files and eat them away. Put that eggnog down and I'll tell you some more about these new worms.

This worm is a self-replicating (makes a copy of itself, aunt sookie!) curriculum that reproduces itself over a network. It can be concealed in an email attachment from an indefinite sender, a movie download from a suspicious website, or an appliance sent from a big shot you don't know. Once on your central processing unit it then can change a distinct file, like a winsock. dll or many files and send copies of itself along with email or newsgroup letters that you can post.

The subsequent are ways to keep these type of worms out of your network:

a) Never, I said never (for emphasis) bond an unpatched, non rationalized mainframe or other Internet associated contraption to the Internet. How do you bring up to date and patch a mainframe not including concerning to the Internet? Get a cd from Microsoft with the hottest and maximum patches and updates, then associate the contraption and then check for updates while allied to make sure you have protection.

b) Always, I said continually (yes I am being redundant) use a firewall concerning your arrangement of computers and the Internet. Even if your exchange ideas of computers is 1 or 2 computers, it is still a exchange ideas and needs a firewall to defend it, actually guard it. A definite cpu coupled to the Internet is now part of a world wide arrangement thru it's Internet correlation and is hence vulnerable lacking protection. Get a firewall, a real firewall.

c) Educate and train everybody who uses your computer(s) network. Many times an infection is invited by careless users who download infected email, visit infected sites, or bring infected machinery (laptop's, pda's) into a exchange ideas from outside.

d) Patch and update, patch and update, patch and fill in (redundant, oh yeah). Yes it's a pain, and it requires time to do and verify that it's in point of fact patched and updated. Nevertheless it's absolutely simpler and cheaper than annoying to fix an infestation, or defend to each one why the association is down or their computers won't work for the reason that a worm is intake because of the whole thing they have worked hard to save and protect.

e) Make sure up-to-date anti-virus software is on every machine, all associated to the Internet. Anti-virus junk mail aid in defense and detection alongside worms.

f) Ascertain guarantee rules for your arrangement and educate all and sundry who touches the network. They must be enforced, daily.

g) Normally check your exchange ideas for vulnerabilities. Visit helplessness website's, take gain of free scanning tools on the Internet to test your machines. New vulnerabilities and new exploits are at large constantly, and you can't defend alongside what you have no idea what is appearance your way.


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