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There are folks out there who use their powers for evil, not good. Let's not give them the occasion to sneak into our lives and wreak havoc. Submitted for your comprehension pleasure are some of my tips to guard physically and your identity.

Gone Phishin'

When I was a wee lass, my Grandpa George would take me to the pond on a warm Saturday day and we'd fish for hours. Unfortunately, this type of Phishing has nil to do with warm fuzzy memories of my Grandfather.

Phishing (sounds just like fishing) customarily arrives in your inbox in the form of a spoofed e-mail message. It sure looks legit, huh? Well, it's not. Phishers blast e-mail mail in the hopes you'll take the bait and click the links, which will redirect you to a fake website. What do they want? Your bill numbers, PIN numbers, SSNs -- everything they can use to gain entry to bank and brokerage the books and other pecuniary information.

Remember, your brokerage, bank, acknowledgment union and acknowledgment card giver will never ask for this in rank via e-mail. They will never ask you to login to your checking account to authorize information.

If you feel you've been phished, do not admittance the links integrated in the e-mail. Also, arrive the phishing to your ISP and the Anti-Phishing Effective Group (http://www. antiphishing. org/).

The Paper Trail - Grab that Receipt

I bet you're the type to leave the receipt at the gas pump and at the ATM when you make that late night deposit. Smack on the hand and shame on you - stop doing that! Take ALL revenue when you make a acquisition or a deposit, when you come back items, etc. When you go to the clothing store, take the receipt out of the bag and place it in your wallet.

Save all revenue until you accept your end-of-month statements (see Two Dollars below). Also, don't throw away your receipts; see my notes on shredding.

It's ? Like ? Magic!

Pet Peeve: Folks who use tacky passwords to keep their online the books - you folks make me crazy! I in recent times hired a client and I'm organization a number of e-mail financial statement for him. Guess what password he used for ALL of them? You guessed it: magic. I as soon as misrepresented the passwords on all of the financial statement and then we had a chat.

You must never use a word you can find in a phrase book as your password. You be supposed to never use your birthday, the names of your wife or brood or dog as passwords. Use a amalgamation of inscription and records and where possible, add distinctive typeset such as a bang (!) to your password. Also, adjustment your passwords frequently, such as once a accommodate or every six months.

What's the "s" for, Anyway?

Ever announcement a number of website changes when you're creation online purchases? There's an "s" which appears after HTTP, for starters. This let's you know you're on a acquire server. Also, check the category bar on the display you're using to make the purchase. You must see a fair catch -- mouse over the lock and you'll see the encryption level for the site.

If you don't see both of these items, do not make the asset right now and advise the vendor. Go back and make the acquire at a later time.

I Didn't Accusation Two Dollars

Every month, devoid of fail, I want to you check your statements from your accept union, bank, brokerage, accept card companies -- any convention from which you collect a paper account or an online statement. If the bad guys have contact to your bank account information, they may try and slip in a small allegation ahead of appearance with the big guns. Take a look at each and every line item and verify you've made the purchase. If amazing is amiss, call that convention immediately.

The Joy of Shredding

I have a distinctive "shred" basket near my desk and shred all of the basket's stuffing at the end of the work day. My individual receipts, which I no longer need and have prepared to accept aligned with my online statements, get shredded. All running papers I've in black and white or proofed, above all for my attorney clients, are blitzed at the end of day, as well. Everything which may for my part ascertain me or my clients gets the treatment.

You have no consistent absolve for not owning a shredder. Price? Not an issue, as shredders are incredibly affordable. You don't have a car to get to the agency contribute store? If you're comprehension this critique that means you've got internet access. Start a new browser casement NOW and admittance your choice online bureau amount vendor. You'll have your new shredder in a be of importance of days and you too can develop into a Shredder Queen (or King).

We live in a another world from just a age group ago. Be smart, be aware and consider that if a bit seems too good to be true, it is.

Lori Davis is Chief of the Coming at Davis Virtual Assistants, a New York-based VA firm. DavisVA offers a wide assortment of administrative, creative and expert military to small affair owners and entrepreneurs. To learn more about Lori and DavisVA, desire visit http://www. davisva. com and http://loridavis. typepad. com/davisva/. You may associate Lori at 917. 319. 8224 and via e-mail at lori@davisva. com.


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