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Fishing on the Internet has come a long way. However, we TechWeb junkies like to call it Phishing. What I am conversation about here is not going after your ordinary, everyday catch. Yet a fine catch it definitely may be to those apt to steal bandits if they can lure you into bountiful up your own and confidential information. Deceit is vast and collective on the World Wide Web. Beware, I say, beware!

Email schemes, called "phishing" or "carding", crack to trick patrons into disclosing own and/or pecuniary information. The emails arrive on the scene to come from legitimate companies with whom customers may commonly conduct business. I have seen scams arrive on the scene to come from such notable corporation as AOL, Earthlink, Paypal, eBay, or major belief card issuers. Often times the email threatens termination of financial records if customers bring up to date billing information.

Phishing comes about in all forms. How many of you have had some Nigerian Prince that just inherited 35 million US dollars offer to share it with you for one basis or another? How many of you have conventional an e-mail apparently from your bank that for "security reasons" wishes you to click a link that takes you to an online form to fill out, requesting all your individual and confidential in a row about your bank account?

A word to the wise: there is no Prince in Nigeria that needs your help, and your bank will never ask you for that info in an e-mail!

The most recent Internet scam appears to come from the South African Administrative area of Mining. "Resources and we are in dire need of a exotic partner to assist us in the receipt and investment of US$15,500,000. 00?" All they appeal is a assure place to deposit the lump sum on US territory, and you will gain a large piece of the pie. WOW, what a deal!

Another I acknowledged comes from Johnson Mgabe, the son of the chief of the Nation of Zimbabwe Agricultural Commission. His priest has just been assassinated, and he, the only lasting heir, is difficult to escape. If you help him, he will give you lots of dough! Right on! "Please e-mail and tell me of your decision. I am ready to pay you 25% of the money [$45. 5 Million] for your help, 5% shall go for expenses you might incur all through the transaction. The remainder [70%] shall be mine. "

Ok, ok, I am convinced; here is my classified bank account, my SSN, DL# and address. Delight tell me what I need to do next. Are they for real? Dangerously though, if citizens didn't fall for these types of stunts, there wouldn't be so many on the brink around. Character theft has develop into more and more rampant in this techno nomadic world.

Again I say, beware.

Many of these email schemes control links to "look-alike" websites that are deceptive with definite trademarked images. The websites then instruct clients to "reenter" their belief card numbers, collective defense numbers, bank PINs, or other individual information. If clients in fact bestow the in order requested, the data goes to scammers, not the legitimate ballet company whose name is on the site. Thereafter, the data is often used to order goods or air force and/or to achieve acclaim in the name of the consumer and potentially, steal your identity.

Again, I say, beware!

Rule for the road:

If you collect a perilous e-mail asking you for not public information, probability are it is a scam. It is beat to be safe than sorry.

By Greg Richburg
Netricks, Inc.

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Greg Richburg is a Microsoft Licensed Systems Foist and the owner of Netricks, Inc. a association consulting, web aim and hosting business located in Fresno, CA.

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