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How to avoid hackers from destroying your site? - defense


Recently, my site and other internet the books ( http://www. nabaza. com/sites. htm ) have been hacked cruelly for the aim of in receipt of all my online sales and transferring it to his/her account. I've erudite a constructive lecture that I would like to share with you so as to avoid appropriate the next victim for this hacker.

Steps to defend your web site:

1. Don't give out your username/password to everybody else.

Even if it's your own net/web/system admin. Odds are he/she before now knows it for he/she can just login as admin to the charge panel and look at your password.

2. Alteration your password once in a while.

It's change for the better to write them down as a replacement for of economy them on a hard disk with insufficient firewall protection.

3. Don't use any word that can be found in glossary or whatever thing that signifies your birthdate, your lane come to to make it awkward for the hackers to guess.

4. Disable the "Forgot Password" effectiveness on your site. This advantage is very expedient to most end users, so fast that it gives out password so easy to for hackers to play with.

5. Make your password difficulty / password come back with (the one used to jog your memory your elapsed password) challenging to guess. Treat it as a password. If any person can just guess it, odds are hackers will start exploring with your account.

6. Make sure you are in continuous acquaintance with your web bringer so they know your real characteristics and they can help you out as soon as there's hacking going on in your site.

7. Don't use any irc (internet relay chat) based chat arrangement for it connects to ports 6660 to 6669. Hackers will exploit these ports and will upload trojan virus in your cpu that can get your username/password on most of your accounts.

If you are going to use any irc chat system, don't even use it devoid of the aid of psybnc or bnc. For more fine points and pricing of this tool, email: sales@nabaza. com with Subject: psybnc or go to http://www. nabaza. com/support. htm and post your apply for there.

8. Don't trust any email (even if it's an email idea advent from your trusted friend) communication that has . exe file attachment. Odds are it came from a malicious programmer and this . exe file before now spreadand infected/duplicated in all email addresses in your addressbook plus yours. For antivirus information, go to http://www. nabaza. com/antivirus. htm

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