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Ok, you've got a computer, and you get online. You surf your choice sites, Sports, Shopping, Cowchip Tossing Blogs, and so on. Your kids download songs and IM their friends. But are you being tracked? Is your not public in a row stored safe on your cpu or is it being mined to a geeky looking guy session in the dark half a continent away? Do you know for sure you are secure? Many ancestors don't.

They take it for approved that their ceremony donor is study over them. If there is one thing I can't stress enough, it's constantly read the fine print ahead of You hit the download button. A appraisal I read about a year ago acknowledged that Less than 7 % read the info posted on the Download windows. Some Spyware will Download itself lacking even you deliberate it.

And then how about the Link Hijackings? You go to your Bank URL, but you don't Notice that it's been distorted slightly. The Login and Password you enter now is in The hands of a anyone who likes to shop!

There are the less hazardous Pop-ups. They are aggravating sure, but from time to time it Can get so bad you can't click them clogged fast adequate to even close out your browser.

Spyware can slow your mainframe to a crawl, captivating notes to open a site. It can Log your keystrokes, mine your data, reboot your computer, even cause it to not boot up.

You've got to be safe people!

The Internet is a breathtaking place. It's come a long way and it's got a long way to go still, enjoy it.

About the Author:
Doug Woodall

Doug Woodall has a website at http://www. spywarebiz. com. There he provides free in sequence and suggested food to combat Spyware.

He also runs the SpywareBiz Blog at http://learningfolder. com/Blogs/297/

He is a appendage of the IWA (International Webmasters Association)

Doug can be reached at spywarebiz@comcast. net

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