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Is that free stuff like an ipod or desktop central processing unit certainly free? - defense


Have you seen the web site, www. freestuff. com? Or have you been bowed on to www. freeipods. com? Or maybe some ally sent you an email suggestive of you log on to one of these sites and take improvement of one of its abundant "free offers. "

Well, ahead of you start the course of in receipt of that "free" iPod, I'll take you all the way through what's required. Then, you can conclude for physically how free it actually is.

After you log on, the first thing you will be compulsory to do is register, which means as long as your name, address, email address, etc. Sounds easy so far.

Next, you will be necessary to sign up for one of the site's free offers. For example, you could sign up for a acclaim card or buy low-cost laser printer inks. Gosh, imagine, all you have to do is sign up for a acclaim card and you get this nice iPod categorically free.

Not so fast there, friend.

Choosing an offer is only part of the deal. Because, after you sign up for that free belief card (or whatever), you will be mandatory to contribute five email addresses of contacts or relatives. Hmm, even that doesn't sound too bad. Heck, so maybe five of your associates get some emails from www. freeipods. com. They're maybe in receipt of a lot of junk mail before now so what's the big deal?

That it's, right? Your free iPod ought to be in the mail. Hold on a second. Freeipods. com wants to check the offer you chose was legit, You'll be told this administer could take a few days and that you must check back periodically.

You log on two days later and Eureka! The coordination found that you did buy those copier inks or did sign up for that accept card. Now, your iPod is on the way, right?


Next, you will be mandatory to call those five contacts or relatives to make sure they take benefit of one of those brilliant offers. That sound like a good idea to you? How about, "Dear Aunt Ivy. Will you desire catalog on freeipods. com and sign up for a acclaim card so I can get a free iPod?"

Here's a different thing to think about. Consider only four of those five associates sign up for free offers. Does this mean that freeipod. com's sponsors got four new customers and you got nada?

This just didn't seem like a good thing to me. I didn't want to bother five of my contacts to sign up for a accept card or whatever. Instead, I just gave up on being paid a "free" iPod. I'm not even sure that if each one had signed up for an offer that I would have gotten the "free" iPod. Maybe there would have been even more hoops for me to jump by means of ahead of that "free" iPod was sent to me.

I have been told that if you go all through the full administer (whatever that is), you will catch the free iPod.

But there is that old saying, "If it seems too good to true, it in all probability is. " And for me, in receipt of an iPod free falls into that category. It might seem free to you but just appreciate that this "free" comes with a convinced price.

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