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I Challenge You To Crack The Code
I had quite an attention-grabbing come across recently. I was hired by a circle to act upon a liability assessment and penetration test on their network. At some point in the opening meeting, one of the key industrial staff existing me with a challenge; He handed over the NTLM hash of the area Administrator bank account and challenged me to decode it. He explained that the difficulty and duration of the password would check me from deciphering it at some point in the time fixed for the project. He was essentially quite assured in my impending failure.

In most cases, this being would have been right on the mark. On the other hand, I'm not sure he estimated to challenge a big name who has close contacts with optional time on some of the most athletic computers in the world.

6 Hours, 2 Servers, 64GB of Memory, and 32 Processors Later and. . . . .
It took just under six hours to crack the password. Of course, my 'associates' were using a course of my amount on servers with 32 processors and 64GB of RAM a piece. It's nice to have contacts with admittance like this. Especially in my line of work. Needless to say, my client was shocked when I called him the next day and gave him the password.

Let's Have Some Fun: A Challenge For You
(In order for you to do this, you need to go to: http://www. defendingthenet. com/NewsLetters/ CrackTheCode-ThatsADirectChallenge. htm)

Shortly after this experience, I in progress belief about writing an clause about it. Then I accepted wisdom to myself, why write just an article? Why not come up with a challenge for our readers?

Hidden in this critique is in a row that will eventually provide you with a couch that has been encrypted. You will need to know a few pieces of all-purpose in sequence such as, where to find the hash in this article, how to dig up the hash from the article, what the password is that will bring to light the hash, and what type of hash is being used! Still with me on this? You will need to do all this before you can start cracking the encrypted phrase.

First, you need to find the hashed axiom located in this article. I'll give you a hint; I freshly wrote an clause about beating letters in files. This critique can be found on the Defending The Net Newsletter Archive. It is also in the www. CastleCops. com archive. Oh, and once you find where the hash is you will need a password to dig up it. This one I am going to give away. The password to dig out the hash is 'letmein' (without the ' ' of course).

Then, you will need a tool that can certainly carry deciphering of the hash once you extort it from this article. There are quite a few out there that will do the job, however, I decidedly advocate using pnva naq noyr i2. 69, a openly free defense tool that no self respecting security foist be supposed to be without. You will also need to know the type of hashing algorithm that was used. I categorical to use zrffntr qvtrfg svir for the reason that it is comparatively well-known. (Try aphorism that 13 times real fast!)

The first being to fruitfully come undone this challenge and e-mail me at riddle@paralogic. net with the deciphered phrase, along with a exhaustive depiction of how they accomplished the task, will catch a 512MB, USB2. 0 Jump Drive. As soon as we be given this in order we will post it on the main page of www. defendingthenet. com.

About The Author
Darren Miller is an In rank Guarantee Consultant with over sixteen years experience. He has in black and white many technology & guarantee articles, some of which have been published in nationally circulated magazines & periodicals. If you would like to acquaintance Darren you can e-mail him at Darren. Miller@ParaLogic. Net


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