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First, let's do a diminutive recap'. As I affirmed in the first part of the article, "Make Money Online - The Hottest Scam Disclosed", "refund document scammers" distress the websites that make money online by promotion digital crop by import the creation and asking for refunds, while maintenance the product.

Now I will give you some solutions you can decide on from. But, unfortunately, all of them have some bad consequences, aside the good ones. The best piece of assistance a person that makes money online can give you is testing.

First, the evident solution: get rid of the refund policy. This way you won't have troubles with these scammers to any further extent and you can carry on to make money online devoid of them bothering you. The bad thing is that this elucidation might cut your conversion rate, but like I said before, test. You might be bowled over of the domino effect and see that the conversion rate stays almost, if not the same as you had before. This has happened to others.

Next, I will give you some tips to amplify your conversion rate if you choose to go with the no-refund guidelines and thus help your make money online business.

One thing you can do to help become more intense the conversion rate, from time to time even more than it was beforehand you got rid of the refund policy, is to place a text just already the order form effective citizens that you don't have a refund guidelines for the reason that of these scammers and you don't want your creation to end up on their hands. This in reality worked out great for others and they made had more sales than before.

Another thing, in all probability the best, is to use trials for both software and e-books. For e-books, just give them few chapters for free and, if they like it, they have to buy it. Some gave away one area of the e-book itself, others even one third. This is a great way to build up credibility. You can even state on your sales page, if you use clickbank for eg. , that clickbank reads your e-book to make sure it's all in order ahead of it's put up on their website. This way you kind of reassure associates that they will get what they pay for and not just those chapters you give for free and the rest. . . crappy content.

There is yet a different thing, but this, in my opinion, can only be used by associates who before now have a instead high credibility on the Internet (and doubtless know this previously :) ). The thing you can do is use testimonials as a replacement for of refund policy. It works out great for the adulthood of make money online big business owners.

Another clarification associates accepted wisdom was a software to disable the creation in case of a refund. But this might work with software, but certainly not with e-books, since they can by a long shot be derivative to an added text certificate and, in the end, the scammer still ends up with it. This clarification is still debated, because, from what I understood, at the moment, there isn't any software that can't be by a long way cracked.

Well, that's it. I actually hope this will help you make money online and defend physically anti these scammers in the same time.

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