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IPv6, Introduction

The high rate at wich the internet continualy evolves compulsory the Internet Business Task Force(IETF) to find IP solutions to carry the grouth. Considered to carry the fast paced development of the Internet, the IPv6 (Internet Protocol description 6) is the new adaptation that will exchange the commonly used IPv4(Internet Protocol adaptation 4) which is before now obsolete.

IPv6, Basic Benefits

Two core reward of IPv6 are the assist for stateless adopt auto configuration and the adopt space that is much larger. Other profit of the new IPv6 are that the confidence is natively definite in the protocol, the down-to-earth Plug and Play (thanks to stateless auto configuration), the IP mobility is optimized.

Network Collateral and IPv6

First, we need to absorb the connotation of "network security", in order to appreciate it's association with IPv6. On the internet the hypothesis of confidence has customarily paying attention on data security, authentification and data privacy. In the most modern years the complex confidence has been expanded.

Avoiding free points of catastrophe while house the networks helps construction them steadfast when harms occur in a confined to a small area section. This way the complex confidence has lingering and it now makes the Internet able to resist in the face of actual disasters or corporal attacks.

Allowing a much simpler crisis rejoinder networks deployment, IPv6 offers great payback in both areas. With a cut above data security, IPv6 allows us to to have more robust networks.

Data Security

The Internet Protocol security(IPsec) provides assist for data encryption, user authentificaton and data integrity. IPv6 has assistance for IPsec and is estimated that this way Internet Protocol collateral will be much commonly free on the IPv6 end-nodes.


With the aid for IPsec, IPv6 be supposed to coin wider availability of end-node implementations. IPv6 will make the operation and implementation of disaster networks easier with the integrated stateless adopt auto configuration. In short, IPv6 will make out lives safer an more secure.

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