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5 austere steps to guard your digital downloads - collateral


A fasten of days ago, I was incisive for a common eBook online.

Now I'm not going to tell you the name of this eBook for reasons you'll be au fait with in the next few minutes.

Okay, so here I was, break Google, ingoing the name of the eBook - clicking search, and read-through because of the first few pages of explore results.

-> Accelerate to Page 5 of Google

I saw a link that looked like a PDF document.

Right click -> open in new window

There, in full glory, was the eBook I was penetrating for!

The absolute eBook, mind you, not a trial or demo - meeting there for the world to download.

And this is a effect that sells for over $25 online!!

Obviously I'm not going to tell you the name of the eBook as it would not be fair to the reseller.

But it just made me realise that one of the reasons digital theft is so prevalent is cleanly because. . . its so EASY!

Don't get me wrong. I don't condone theft of any kind - digital or otherwise.

But would YOU shell out $25 for a creation that each can 'legally' download off the 5th page of Google?

Most associates would just shrug their shoulders, hit the save badge and thank their lucky stars.

Result: The conflicting of $ KA-CHING $ for the sellers

One of the evils with advertising digital goods online is that it is so Clear-cut to do. So now all and their grandmother wants to do it.

But most newbies have no idea that it requires only a few clear-cut steps to guarantee a moderate amount of collateral for your downloads.

So here I've outlined the five most BASIC defense steps That everybody advertising digital food online must take.

These will take you only a few action to do, and you do not need any exceptional software or encoding knowledge.


The largest badly behaved arises when sellers store their downloads as PDF documents, as in my be subjected to above.

Now you be supposed to know that Google, Altavista and many other exploration engines can read and list PDF files.

While this may not be a conundrum for those adding together comfort to their sites in the form of PDF newsletters and reports, it also means that you must never store a consequence you want to SELL as a PDF file (unless it is in a password- confined folder).

It gets worse. Google also converts your PDF files into HTML documents. So average browsers not only have admittance to your PDF file, but - horror of horrors - they can download your Basis FILE as well!!

The next commonsense step is for them to make specially it with their own links, compile it and sell it or give it away.

Result: The contradictory of $ KA-CHING $ for the sellers . . . AND the author.

A down-to-earth way of maintenance your files out of the reach of spiders is to upload them as a zip file. Exploration engines cannot look confidential zip files (yet) and list their contents.


You MUST have an index. html file in EVERY folder. It acts like a curtain that keeps your files away from inquisitive eyes.

A folder not including an index file is like a house devoid of walls. Each one can enter and help themselves to the valuables.

The 'index. htm' file is the duck file that opens when you click on the link here -

http://ebizwhiz-publishing. com/

If you don't coin an index. htm or index. html file, you'd be allowing each to at once contact the root address list of the folder where you store your downloads.

Here is a folder I uploaded to show you what happens when you DON'T have an index file.

http://ebizwhiz-publishing. com/test/

As you can see, all the files stored in it are openly able to be seen and ready to download.

And yes, feel free to help by hand - I won't accuse you of stealing :-)

3. SHOW Twittering TOMS THE EXIT

You can use a austere handwriting to redirect twittering Toms back to your home page.

Here's the easiest way to do it using what it called a "meta refresh tag. " Add it connecting the Legend tags like this.

<head> <META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" content="0;URL=http://ebizwhiz-publishing. com"> </head>

< with <
> with >
" with "

Just put back my URL with your own in the illustration above and paste it into the head of your certificate (before your text).

You can see how it works by clicking on the test folder here.

http://ebizwhiz-publishing. com/redirect/

Now even despite the fact that you click on the folder URL, you will be sent to my home page.


To avoid explore engine spiders from analysis and catalog the download pages that link to your eBooks add the tag below in the head of the document.

This "Robot" tag tells the spider that this page is not to be spidered or indexed. As a consequence it ought to never show up on a search.



To avert deceitful colonize from rearrangement your download links on forums or implication boards, alteration the folder or file name where you store them from time to time, even if it means having to alteration the download links in your mercantile account.

Using these methods will give you a good grade of satisfaction, conscious that you have taken the most basic steps to defend your digital loot - and at completely no cost to you.

If you want better collateral and more in sequence on plugging the confidence loopholes in your website, check out a assortment of digital download defense tools.

Copyright 2003 Priya Shah

Priya Shah is the cause of the search engine optimization guide, Come to One In Your Niche and edits the newsletters Be a Whiz at eBiz! and The Glutathione Report

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