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Internet scams and frauds are on the rise! The capacity of scam emails with a choice of fraud schemes any email bill receives today is cleanly overwhelming! There is this infamous Nigerian 419 scam, which is by far the most commonly circulated one. I wrote about it in one of our ezine articles not long ago. You can read about it here! And there are many other scams like Lottery, Epistle of Credit, money transfer, black money conversion, real estate, fraudulent order and the list goes on and on.

Looking at my daily doze of scam letters, looks like, the draw scam seams to be in advance popularity among the con artists. This scam is alike to other advance fee schemes, where the goal of the con comedian is to convince an unsuspected victim to send an advance payment for some doubtful offers that the swindlers never plan to fulfill.

Email Gamble Scam

The branch of learning of the emails from an nameless find to you will, probably show, a bit alike to, "Congratulation! You have own a lottery". With minor variations the text in most of these letters is effectively identical.

The letter, usually, claims to be issued by a Chance Business based in some countries like The Netherlands, Switzerland, England, Canada or the USA.

And then it says that you are one of many associates accidentally chosen from all over the world to participate in a game of chance of a very large sum. You along with some others have won this lottery. You will be asked to acquaintance them at once to claim your prize money. Most certainly, the epistle will also warn you to keep this as a secret and will detail that the offer has a time limit.

If you acquaintance them after getting this letter; there are come to of adaptation how the thugs will try to con you. They are quite imaginative and from time to time very innovative in their endeavors.

In all-purpose the idea is - you have to pay a fee ahead of the chance company can circulate the total to you. The pretexts are, usually, an investigation ballet company has to make sure that you are the right person who won the lottery, as a foreigner you have to pay a tax before you can get your prize and there is a dealing out and handling fee that has to be paid ahead of hand, etc.

Don't think that these doubtful offers are only sent by emails. People customary them by conventional mails, by aim phone calls and even by SMS.

Phone Call Game of chance Scam

One fine cock-crow you may be given a call from a person, claiming to be a lawyer from a esteemed law farm, and will tell you that you have won a external lottery; that a giving out fee is due ahead of the prize money can be on the loose to you. The seniors are most liable to be the victims of these telemarketers. If you are located in the USA, most likely, the character will establish himself as a Canadian lawyer and will let somebody know you as if you have won a Canadian Outmoded Lottery.

Lottery Scam by SMS

You may even accept a SMS letter advising that you have won a alien lottery. You will be instructed to log onto a website and enter a login and password, which would be provided to you in the message. The site will have the same look and feel of a legitimate draw site, but in fact, it is a copy site produced by the scammers. The URL attend to will have a very minor, virtually, discreet difference. Once you log in and see for manually that you have certainly own the lottery, you will be asked to accelerate a laying a bet tax of US $100 to US $500 ahead of you claim your prize.

How to associate these scams and avoid being conned?

The come to one motto that you must admire is - if it is too good to be true, then probably, it is definitely too good to be true! There is no way you can win a lottery, in what you have never participated!

The followings are the signs of probable scam offers, you will be develop off if you avoid them scrupulously:

Any offer, where you have to send cash forthright to cash you prize.

Any offer of a extensive percentage of a large sum of money to be transferred into your account, in come back for your "discretion" or "confidentiality";

Requests for signed and stamped, blank letterhead or invoices, or for bank bill information;

Requests for payment in develop of assigning taxes or other fees; Statements that your name was provided to the soliciting party either by a big name you do not know or by "a very consistent contact;"

Unsolicited calls asking if you would like to be in a "Lottery pool";

Mail notifying you that you have previously won a ample sum of money.

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