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How to get rid of new sobig.f virus? - guarantee


As you know, this time the virus under the name Sobig. F has wreaked quite havoc! No doubt, many of us have suffered from this hot virus outbreak.

According to an online poll conducted by CNN: 32% of respondents were infected with this malicious virus. At the pick, each of every 17 emails enclosed sobig. F! Internet assistance bringer AOL says it scanned 40. 5 million emails and found the virus in more than half of them. Sobig accounted for 98 percent of all viruses found in these emails.

What is Sobig. F virus?

This is a worm type of virus. Which means it is an executable program that installs enhancement to your Windows in service system. The 'F" implies that it is the sixth of the children of Sobig viruses. The first one was launched in the activation of this year. The most modern attack was ongoing on Eminent 19.

According to some experts, Sobig. F was first posted to a porn Usenet group and apply from there. It is timed to disable itself on September 10. The pre-built deactivation machine itself is a bothersome factor. Most experts think this means there are more to come!

How it works?

Sobig. F comes along with an email with area of interest headers like Your details, Thank you!, Re: Thank you!, Re: Details, Re: Re: My details, Re: Approved, Re: Your application, Re: Wicked screensaver or Re: That movie. The body of the idea is quite short and as a rule contains any "See the emotionally involved file for details" or "Please see the emotionally involved file for details. "

Once the file is opened, Sobig. F resends itself using a built-in mailing code to e-mail addresses from the infected computer. As a sender is adopt it shows one of the e-mails accidentally selected from the computer's concentrate on book. The worm was also believed to endeavor to retrieve an URL from a predetermined list of 20 master servers on a a number of date and time. The comfortable of that URL was to be downloaded and executed on the infected machines. Luckily those servers were identified right away and shut down.

How to guard physically aligned with it?

If your mainframe is infected or you have doubts, first thing you be supposed to do is: to check and clean up your mainframe from this virus. Although, it is set to neutralize on September 10, which means it will no longer multiply itself, however, left untouched, it might crack to bring up to date itself, once the newer version of the virus comes out.

Suggestion One:

1. If you do not have most modern edition of anti-viruses installed, go to the Symantec's next page: http://www. symantec. com/avcenter/venc/data/w32. sobig. f@mm. html,

2. Down load the Sobig. F deduction tool for entirely free of charge.

3. Bed in and run it by austerely subsequent the steps described on the page.

Suggestion Two:

Download the most recent confidence patches for your description of Windows and bed in them.

Suggestion Three:

If you are using Microsoft Outlook, be a consequence the steps below to stop them appearing in your inbox:

- Open Outlook

- Click on "Tools" from main menu

- Decide Rules Wizard from the drop down menu

- On the page "Apply changes to this folder": Click on "New"

- Choose "Start creating a rule from Templates"

- Decide on "Move communication based on content"

- Click on " definite words" link from the box at the bottom

- A small chance will appear, add each and every express scrupulously

from the list below:

Re: Thank you!

Thank you!

Your details

Re: Details

Re: Re: My details

Re: Approved

Re: Your application

Re: Wicked screensaver

Re: That movie


your_document. pif

document_all. pif

thank_you. pif

your_details. pif

details. pif

document_9446. pif

application. pif

wicked_scr. scr

movie0045. pif

- Once buffed click on "OK" to close the window.

- Click on the link "specified" at the same box

- Open a new folder by clicking on the "New" do up under the

name "Virus Spam"

- Click on "OK"

- Click on "Finish"

- From now on all emails with the above mentioned phrases and

attachments will be moved to the "Virus Spam" folder.

- All you have to do is erase the emails, which will arrive on the scene there.

A few more cautions:

Don't open any executable attachment in an email, but for you are hundred percent sure that this is a legitimate file that you have been expecting.

Install an anti-virus curriculum and bring up to date it on time, at the end, this might be the best doable answer to keep ourselves from these ugly online creatures!

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