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Internet scams: dont be a victim - confidence


As the amount of colonize using the Internet as an central part of their daily life grows, it is inevitable that the digit of Internet Scams will grow. Alas there are many forms of scams but in this clause we will look at three of the most prominent.

419 fraud or "Nigerian Scams"

Also known as far ahead fee fraud (AFF), 4-1-9 scams are named after the division of the Nigerian penal code that deals with fraud. Even if at first originating in Nigeria these scams can originate from anywhere. If you fall for one of these at best you will lose thousands of dollars; at worst you will lose your life. These as a rule start with an email from a bank approved or the next of kin of a freshly departed African leader or a control minister informing you that they have admittance to millions of dollars but need your help to get the money out of the country. The end consequence is that when the deal is threatened you will be asked for money to acquire the announcement of the funds. Do not under any conditions reply to these letters, associates have been murdered while next up with these scams.


Phishing scams can be very elaborate, scammers send out emails to millions of internet addresses purporting to be from a fiscal institution, and requiring you to log in and authorize your details. The email looks authentic and contains a link that you need to click. If you come to pass to have an checking account at the bank featured in the scam then it's a very artless thing to click the link and login to "your" balance but it's not your checking account or even your bank. It will be a website setup by the scammers to dig out as much in sequence from you as possible, Name, Attend to Acknowledgment card details, Bank login, Password, PIN add up to etc. Once they have these facts it is very apt that will have approach to your funds and in the worse case your identity. Avoid these scams by never clicking on a link in an email like these, Banks do not sent out emails requesting you login and authenticate your details.

Vehicle Sales Fraud

If you place an advert online to sell a car, boat, or dirt bike you will maybe be given one of these scam attempts. You will accept an email from abroad adage that they would like to buy your vehicle and coordinate shipping. Once you agree you will get a check or bankers draft in the mail in a few days for the quantity you asked for the vehicle PLUS the shipping fee you will then be asked to acquaintance the mover and pay him the extra amount. If you are judicious you will wait for the check to clear then pass on the shipping fee. This is what the scammers expect, the check will only bounce about 3 weeks to a month later at which point your bank will take back the money exit you short of the shipping money. The best way of avoiding this fraud is not to sell your vehicle to a big name who wants to pay the shipper.

I hope all this hasn't scared you away from the Internet, If you are conscious and wary about offers that seem too good to be true then you must be Ok, just apply the same commonsense you use in everyday life, after all if a stranger walked up to you in the lane and said "Hi I am from your bank what's your acknowledgment card amount and PIN" would you give it to them?

Mark Thompson ran an IT consultancy in London for many years . He now live in Spain and runs an come to of websites counting The Earnings Site


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